This is what you need to do with your old prescription medications

The overwhelming majority of folks around the world have medicine cabinets, kitchen counters, and pantries throughout their homes absolutely loaded to the hilt with prescription medications that are expired and likely have been expired for some time.

And though there are some folks that are going to do absolutely everything in their power to hold on to those prescription pills of their seemingly forever, even though they lose their potency and effectiveness over time, you’re going to want to safely and effectively dispose of those old medications.

You’ll be able to clean up a lot of clutter, but you’ll also be able to cut down on a significant health risk that can be posed by less potent but still potentially dangerous prescription drugs in the hands of those that shouldn’t be using them.

old prescription 1

Whatever you do, DON’T just flush these prescription pills down the toilet

A lot of folks are going to take a pretty simple and straightforward step to dispose of old prescription medications that they no longer need any longer:

They are simply going to send them down the sewer via a quick flush of the toilet!

Others are going to throw their expired prescription medications in the bin and hope for the best, but both of these approaches can be incredibly dangerous – especially sending them down into the sewer.

If water isn’t appropriately treated (and this happens a lot more than most municipalities are comfortable admitting) those pills are going to risk contaminating the water supply.

And even if they are effectively washed out of similar, there is still a risk that the pills themselves will wash up somewhere and become available for pets or wild animals to consume.

Obviously you don’t want to have it on your conscience.

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Turn in your expired prescription medications in to medical facilities in your local area

The easiest way to get rid of your expired medications without any headache or hassle at all – and no risk to anyone – is to bring these medications to medical facilities in your area and have professionals get rid of them for you.

Every hospital in the UK (and pretty much every hospital around the world) will accept these expired medications and dispose of them the same way that they dispose of other hazardous material at the hospital. You’ll be safe, they’ll be safe to land the medicines will be destroyed completely.