Understanding Post-Operative Pain

Surgery can be used as a life saving medical intervention and although it is necessary, it’s still a foreign concept to our bodies. When you undergo a procedure you will have surgeons dealing with your organs and putting immense pressure and stress on your tissues. After the surgery has been completed, it is expected that you will feel some type of pain or discomfort, depending on the severity of the procedure. Understanding post-operative pain can help you to manage it and know when to seek additional medical help if it gets worse.

During your surgery there will be cuts to your skin and organs, which stimulate the nerve endings that are responsible for sending pain signals to your brain. Once you have been taken off of anesthesia, these nerve endings won’t be numbed anymore and can begin firing pain signals as your body heals. It is normal for someone to feel some discomfort after a surgery, but intense pain could be as a result of an infection elsewhere, a collection of bodily fluid below the skin, or a break in the sutures used to close the surgical field.

When you start to think about the pain that you’re feeling after your surgery you’ll want to consider the type of pain, where it is, how long it lasts, how severe it is, whether it moves from one place to another, or if movement makes it worse. If the discomfort you are feeling is above what your surgeon told you to expect, you should seek medical help immediately.

There are several tests that your doctor may conduct if you’re experiencing heightened levels of pain after a procedure. Physical examinations are quite common, as they will want to see the affected area to determine if there are any physical signs of infection. You may also be required to take blood tests to determine if your white or red blood cell counts are high and to determine your level of electrolytes. Patients are typically asked to take x-rays as well to rule out other conditions that could develop as a result of surgery such as pneumonia or obstructions in the bowels.

The majority of patients will be prescribed painkillers at a particular dose that is recommended for the type of pain they are experiencing. These can include strong opiates like co-codamol which combines 30mg of codeine phosphate with 500mg of paracetamol to make a really strong painkiller. You can by co-codamol 500/30mg here. This is a really good RX platform that connects you to EU pharmacies and doctors. For those with liver issues who can’t tolerate paracetamol, they also offer Brufen which is a combination of 30mg of codeine with 400mg of ibuprofen. In the event that your pain medication is not helping you through the post-operative recovery process, talk to your doctor, as it could be a result of post-op complications.

This is what you need to do with your old prescription medications

The overwhelming majority of folks around the world have medicine cabinets, kitchen counters, and pantries throughout their homes absolutely loaded to the hilt with prescription medications that are expired and likely have been expired for some time.

And though there are some folks that are going to do absolutely everything in their power to hold on to those prescription pills of their seemingly forever, even though they lose their potency and effectiveness over time, you’re going to want to safely and effectively dispose of those old medications.

You’ll be able to clean up a lot of clutter, but you’ll also be able to cut down on a significant health risk that can be posed by less potent but still potentially dangerous prescription drugs in the hands of those that shouldn’t be using them.

old prescription 1

Whatever you do, DON’T just flush these prescription pills down the toilet

A lot of folks are going to take a pretty simple and straightforward step to dispose of old prescription medications that they no longer need any longer:

They are simply going to send them down the sewer via a quick flush of the toilet!

Others are going to throw their expired prescription medications in the bin and hope for the best, but both of these approaches can be incredibly dangerous – especially sending them down into the sewer.

If water isn’t appropriately treated (and this happens a lot more than most municipalities are comfortable admitting) those pills are going to risk contaminating the water supply.

And even if they are effectively washed out of similar, there is still a risk that the pills themselves will wash up somewhere and become available for pets or wild animals to consume.

Obviously you don’t want to have it on your conscience.

old prescription 2

Turn in your expired prescription medications in to medical facilities in your local area

The easiest way to get rid of your expired medications without any headache or hassle at all – and no risk to anyone – is to bring these medications to medical facilities in your area and have professionals get rid of them for you.

Every hospital in the UK (and pretty much every hospital around the world) will accept these expired medications and dispose of them the same way that they dispose of other hazardous material at the hospital. You’ll be safe, they’ll be safe to land the medicines will be destroyed completely.

General Health Suggestions for Overweight Men and Women

If you’re overweight, you’re probably conscious of every extra pound. Men and women who do carry extra weight often feel bad about it. Our society celebrates thinness to an unhealthy degree, which is not to say that being overweight is healthy.

Achieving an ideal weight is better than striving for an unnatural level of slimness. So, you should shoot for good general health, rather than trying to look like a male or female model.

As you may already know, models have problems with food, just like everyone else. They are pressured to be very thin and it often leads to eating disorders. In terms of losing weight in a way that doesn’t take a negative toll on your general health, it’s all about slow and steady progress.

Our tips are designed to help you improve the way that you feel, while also supporting your overall health…

health suggestions 1

Set a Calorie Limit Daily

Experts recommend a calorie intake of about fifteen hundred calories per day for women. Men may need more, depending on their height, body type and so on. There are handy calculators online which will allow you to find out your Body Mass Index, how much you should weigh and how many calories you should take in.

When you use these practical and free resources, you’ll be primed to make a plan and stick to it.

When you find the right calorie level, such as 1500, you’ll benefit greatly from sticking to that calorie level until you achieve your ideal weight. After you do lose the weight that you want to lose, you’ll be able to go on a maintenance diet which features more calories.

This sensible approach to reducing is better than a crash diet. While reducing calories may be difficult at first, it can be done and you’ll get used to it over time. You’ll need to fill up on salads and other low-fat, low-calorie foods.

health suggestions 2

Get Regular Exercise Daily

As well as eating right and staying with a calorie range which supports weight loss, you should exercise each day or at least a few times per week. This is really important and it’s something that you should commit to. Exercise doesn’t have to be intense. It should raise your heart rate, though. So, think about doing half an hour of cardio exercise a few times per week. You’ll find that this exercise improves your mood, which is a big bonus.

You can lose weight. You just need a plan which will benefit your general health. So, why not follow our tips today?

The Benefits Of Couples Getting Healthy Together

When it comes to making some positive lifestyle changes, having an ally in your corner is the kind of thing that can go a really long way. Of course, your significant other can be someone who is perfect to that end. The question really comes down to whether or not the both of you are willing to make the commitment together.

You really should consider trying. Getting healthy with your spouse or significant other comes with a range of great benefits. At the same time, you’re getting the pleasure of taking on an exciting, fun new challenge together. Whether you are thinking of asking your partner, or if your partner recently made the request, there are several things you should try to keep in mind.

What Happens When Couples Get Healthy Together

Partners often see differently on the subject of personal health. However, it is well worth sitting down with your partner to discuss the possibility of making some major changes. For one thing, it is going to be easier for both of you to embrace healthier lifestyle choices. There is a fantastic element of encouragement that can come out of working on healthier choices together. This can be even more useful when the couple maintains open, honest communication throughout.

couples getting healthy 1

There is also the element of trying new things together. Studies do strongly suggest that couples who are willing to try new things together are generally couples that are happier together. Diet and exercise may not strike you as the most obvious choice to that end, but it can be in no time at all.

You are also taking those first small steps together. When it comes to a diet and exercise plan, experts agree that the smartest thing to do is go slowly in the beginning, particularly if you have never tried a serious diet and exercise plan before. Taking those initial steps with your partner can make things even easier. You can encourage each other, complement each other, and even suggest things to each other. Essential to the health of every couple’s relationship too is sex, and this is a topic not so easy to talk about for some couples, but try – you may find out its easier than you think.  Growing a healthy sex life for a couple can be as easy as having a meaningful and frank conversation, or it can require therapy or medical attention.

couples getting healthy 2

However, in terms of suggesting things, you are certainly going to want to watch your tone. Do not criticize, and listen to how your partner defines the difference between suggestion and criticism. Communication is essential to this process. The same can be said for honesty. Both of these elements are vital. You may want to consider keeping separate journals, in order to have a place to express your thoughts that is entirely your own.

Which Supplements Promote Natural Pain Relief?

Supplements are typically created from natural plant extracts and many of them have the power to soothe pain. If you want natural pain relief without the downside of OTC and prescription-strength pain relievers (downsides include rebound headaches and other adverse side effects), learning about supplements which promote pain relief will be useful.

While some trial and error may be needed in order to find the most impressive pain relief supplements, we are here to make it easier, by discussing three great options which work well for most people.

pain relief 1

Capsicum Ointment Works Well – Capsicum is made from hot peppers and it’s usually applied in a cream or ointment form. If you want to try this pain relief formula, which is natural, go for a cream or ointment with at least 0.25 of active ingredient. This formula is a holistic way to soothe lower back discomfort. In fact, it may work well for any type of soreness or stiffness. Just massage it into trouble spots in order to see how well it will work for you.

Comfrey Cream is Very Soothing – Those who deal with pain from back problems are often searching for natural supplements which help to soothe their discomfort. Many turn to Comfrey cream, which is created via Comfrey extract. It’s best to avoid oral supplements of this type. Stick with creams, as oral supplements may promote liver problems, including liver damage. By using a cream instead, you’ll access pain relief benefits, without the risk of side effects.

Ease Arthritis with Devil’s Claw Root – There are oral supplements which help to heal pain, such as the discomfort triggered by arthritis health conditions. If you want to try a good one, give Devil’s Claw Root a try. Look for an oral supplement which contains thirty to one hundred mgs of active ingredients. If you’re prone to stomach problems, it’s best to try a lower dosage, as higher doses may cause upset stomachs.

Try These Formulas Today

Mother Nature provides a lot of plants which have pain relief properties. Holistic experts know how to process plants in order to harness their pain relief power. Plant extracts are used in creams, ointments and oral supplements and many do offer excellent pain relief properties. Since they are natural, side effects are typically mild. However, you should be on the alert for allergic reactions, as some people have allergies to plants. In general, most people get good results with these formulas, without any downside.

This is how you know you are overtraining your body

People all over the world are overtraining their body without even realizing it, completely setting back their progress significantly while being blissfully unaware of the problem.

A lot of this has to do with the celebration of “overtraining culture” – a population of fitness focused people that are pushing harder and harder in the gym with next to no rest whatsoever and shaming anyone that doesn’t do the exact same thing.

The unfortunate thing is that overtraining is one of the fastest ways to guarantee you don’t get the results you are after, mostly because the body of someone’s dreams isn’t made in the gym but is instead built while you sleep, rest, and recover.

overtraining 1

Sure, you have to go through some pretty powerful and some would say grueling exercises to get the kinds of results you are looking for – but all of that time spent in the gym is going to be focused on breaking down your muscles, not building them up.

You need rest or you won’t grow or get stronger.

Here’s how to know if you are overtraining.

It’s become impossible to finish a proper workout

When you are overtrained and overtaxed your muscles simply aren’t going to respond to stimulus the way that they would have otherwise.

If you are overtraining you are going to find it almost impossible to complete even the most basic workout, just because your muscles and your body are going to rebel against you. This is a surefire sign that you need to rest, relax, and recuperate.

You aren’t getting any bigger (or smaller) or gaining any strength

Another surefire sign that you aren’t giving yourself enough time to rest and recover from your exercise program is that you aren’t noticing any results and that you have seemingly plateaued with no real rationale behind it other than overtraining.

overtraining 2

A lot of people hit this wall and pushed even harder, but that’s the very last thing that you are going to want to do.

You are pushing your limits every single day of the week

Finally, you will know if you are overtraining your body if you are looking to blast through personal records every single day of the week and going to the gym far more than you probably should be.

There’s nothing wrong with getting highly motivated and really attacking every exercise, but you have to be smart and leverage rest and recovery to get the results you’re looking for.